Downtown Mobile Vet

In-Home Care

You need to save yourself and your pet the stress of going to the vet office. In home care, provides your pet the comfort of being in their own home with the convenience of saving you time. Dr. Moeser's "down to earth" approach to veterinary medicine will be refreshing as we work together to personalize the care for your pet. All of routine preventative medical care can be done at your home including comprehensive exams, vaccinations, internal organ function blood work, heartworm testing, and fecal examinations. If your pet needs additional diagnostics or care, for example, spaying, neutering, dental cleaning, then we will provide door to door service and complete those services at a local Veterinary Medical Clinic. Dr. Moeser works hard to ensure all of your veterinary medical needs for your pet are covered and at around the same cost to you as visiting a traditional veterinary medical hospital.


Dr. Moeser offers both medical and surgical treatment for your pet. Most of the surgeries she can complete herself. Dr. Moeser can provide you with most of the medical treatments that your pet may need at the time of the visit. However, she also recognizes that there are more and more options for obtaining pharmaceuticals including human pharmacies and online pharmacies. Dr. Moeser has partnered with an online pharmacy that has the highest quality control . Again, we will work together to make the best choice for your family and discuss why she does not the risks of using large online pharmacies that may not have the same quality control as veterinary medical practices or human pharmacies.

Surgery & Radiology

Dr. Moeser treats your pets as if they were her own when she provides routine soft tissue surgery solutions for your pet including spays, neuters, mass removals, drain placement, injury repair, and abdominal surgery. Additionally, we offer routine dental cleanings and extractions if necessary. All surgeries will include pre-anesthetic blood work, IV catheter and fluid therapy to minimize any anesthetic risks. Also, Dr. Moeser is very generous to your pet when it concerns post-operative pain management. Additionally, Dr. Moeser understands that you will be very nervous during any procedure your pet may be having. Therefore, if you request, Dr. Moeser can give you text updates to set your mind at ease during the process. She will cater to all of your needs, especially if you are a "worry wart". Radiology services including "x rays" and ultrasound are available. These services have either door to door service or drop off service available.

Euthanasia & Hospice

Dr. Moeser has extensive experience with providing hospice care for your pet and counseling families when considering euthanasia. Her compassion will set your heart at ease and make you feel better about the new reality of your pet's health. Dr. Moeser will provide a free consult and brief exam with your pet, in case there are options not yet considered, that we can give your pet additional quality of life to extend that time with your family. Similarly, your family's pet may have received a diagnosis with a poor outcome, like cancer or end stage arthritis. It is okay if your family decided not to pursue extensive medical intervention and would prefer to make your pet comfortable until their quality of life is affected. Please to no hesitate to call Dr. Moeser to have her discuss the options and help put your mind at ease. When it is time to say goodbye, Dr. Moeser feels it is best to be in at home in comfortable surroundings rather than experiencing the trauma of travelling to a traditional doctor's office environment. Dr. Moeser will help make the best of an unfortunate situation by providing the peaceful passing of your pet on your terms. Dr. Moeser will work with your schedule to make sure that your family is all present and ready.